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About Us

Our Ethos

We believe in a quality finished product. Not just how the products look but how they smell, burn and what ingredients have gone into them.

Every part of our products have been carefully selected, this includes the packaging finish.

Many companies in the United States manufacture their fragrance oils free from any phthalates (carcinogens). UK Manufacturers of both fragrances, candles, and melts are yet to embrace this. At Discover Wax, we have made the decision to work with US fragrance manufacturers and import them into the UK for use in our products. Some UK perfumeries are slowly realising the damaging effects phthalates have when released in vapour form and are beginning the process of removing them from their fragrances. The UK industry is 3 to 5 years behind the United States in this area.

Our wax is 100% natural. No paraffin wax here. Paraffin wax releases a black soot when burning. Our advanced natural wax blend produces no soot and has a lower melt point than paraffin.

We want only the best, highest quality ingredients in our products and in our customers homes.

Discover Wax natural wax melts Christmas tree feature gold ribbon


We want you to enjoy the journey and discover your favourite scents. With that in mind, we have created three collections for your scent adventures.

These are, Nature, Cosmos, and Magic.

Feel free to pop over to the FAQ page for answers to common questions.